Centro Siderurgico Adriatico has started and is currently implementing its Health & Safety, Environment, Quality and Assets Integrated Management System (HSEQ€), applied to the following field of activity:

“Manufacture of carbon steel plates, strips and straps to customer’s specification in accordance with national e international regulation.”

It aims to coordinate all Centro Siderurgico Adriatico cooperators to achieve the following objectives:

  • Support the company’s strategic directions
  • Establish a framework for setting business objectives
  • Meet the relevant requirements
  • Continuous improvement of the System

Continuous improvement means the balance of 4 fundamental elements that guarantee the development and prosperity of the organization, respecting the fundamental values of life:

Worker well-being

  • Physical and mental health
  • Long life Learning
  • Continuous knowledge transfer among collaborators

Centro Siderurgico Adriatico is paying even more attention to the aspects and regulations related to prevention, protection and to health and safety at work as an act of responsibility and commitment towards all its collaborators, direct and indirect, with the aim to create and spread awareness at all levels of the organization and developing responsible and safe behaviour. With the adoption of an Integrated HSEQ€ Management System, the company undertakes to constantly improve healthy and safety standards in the workplace and to ensure that its employees receive adequate training, information and continuous and long lasting training in the workplace, through the implementation of specific investments.

Respect for the Environment

  • Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of the ecosystems (Ecosystems restoring).

Centro Siderurgico Adriatico has always been sensitive to environmental issues in the adoption of its business strategies.

In the first place, the “Green Culture” is already inherent in the production process in the choice of the selling product, a product obtained from the procurement and transformation of almost totally recovered material. In fact, our main supplier Acciaieria Arvedi already adopts a production process with low environmental impact and employs in its casting processes a considerable amount of recovered material coming from processing waste. Furthermore, the same waste material deriving from the  Centro Siderurgico Adriatico processes, by means of a scrapping process, is recycled and reinserted within the production process of Acciaieria Arvedi, which process again the waste to obtain new raw material.

Another important focus of the company is the forecast of implementation of substantial investments in sustainability and environmental respect, such as the installation of future photovoltaic panels for the production of clean energy and the continuous awareness and training of personnel, directly active and involved in environmental protection.
Thanks to these initiatives,  Centro Siderurgico Adriatico intends to obtain environmental certification by implementing its production activities in constant respect for the environment and the society in which it operates, also in support of future generations who will have the opportunity to live and work in a healthier and safer environment.

Stakeholders Satisfaction 

  • “Change for better” (Kaizen)

Centro Siderurgico Adriatico already offers itself as a “Service Center” to its customers throughout the national territory and with particular regard of Eastern Europe. The acquisition of the Integrated Management System aims to increase the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of its organizational, production and logistical processes, in order to increase customer loyalty, ensuring full pre and post-sales assistance with qualified personnel, and meet the needs and expectations of all the economic subjects with whom the company establishes its relations.

Assets Growth

  • Valuing, remunerating and increasing tangible and intangible assets.

The implementation of the Integrated Management System will therefore have as its objective the creation of new wealth and the growth of both tangible (economic and financial) and intangible assets, with regard to the constant professional and personal growth of its collaborators.

Centro Siderurgico Adriatico aims to define and undertake this Integrated Management System by the end of 2018, starting with a first phase of assessment of its existing structure, the identification of its organizational gaps and the planning and implementation of the related improvement actions.

It intends to spread and make known its new system model to all its direct and indirect collaborators, to its customers and suppliers and to interested third parties, through direct and indirect communication and through publications on the company website.

Once implemented, the Management System will be subjected to constant checks and reports with the aim of verifying and monitoring the achievement of its pre-established objectives, with the help of the competent staff and of an external consulting company.

Control audits will be shared with all the stakeholders involved in the company organization, with the same means of communication mentioned above.

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